Vizsla Mix

A Vizsla mix is not a breed. Vizsla mixes are hybrids, designer dogs that are a mix of two different purebred dogs. The appearance, temperament, and health characteristics of a Vizsla mix will of course be dependent on which breed the Vizsla has been crossed with. Some of the most common Vizsla mixes include:

Vizsla/Weimaraner Mix

Vizslas are sometimes mistaken for Weimaraners. Though similar in size and appearance to Vizslas, Weimaraners are blue-gray in color. Temperamentally, they're also similar in many ways to Vizslas: intelligent, energetic, athletic, and needy of attention and exercise.

Vizsla/Labrador Retriever Mix

Known as a Labralas, the Labrador Vizsla mix is heavier and slightly taller than a Vizsla. Labradors are known for being friendly and mellow, but the personality of a Lab Vizsla mix will vary from one dog to another.

Vizsla/Pit Bull Mix

The Vizsla Club of America has adopted the following resolution:

"The Officers and the Board of Directors of the Vizsla Club of America, Inc., in cognizance of the respective responsibilities to protect the breed and foster its development, do hereby condemn cross-breeding of pure bred vizslas and falsification of registration documents. All persons following the vizsla fancy are enjoined to subscribe to this ethic in the best interest of the breed."

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